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About Us

HEI is building a legacy in hospitality real estate with discriminating investments in two priority categories: high potential properties and high potential people. 

Our private discretionary funds grant us ready capital for acquisition, development and property improvement. We acquire full service, upper upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities. We then optimize the long-term value of these assets by capitalizing on the management expertise of our top hospitality professionals. 

But our core investment isn’t bricks and mortar: it’s passionate people. 

HEI is known for our energizing, high-performance culture that integrates seasoned talent in operations, acquisition and development with disciplined fund management. Our unique “owner/operator” business model fully aligns our financial and hospitality expertise in a cohesive, streamlined network for clear advantages and collective success. 

Our direct lines of communication - horizontal, vertical, interdepartmental, between properties and investors - provide the real time data, shared wisdom and team synergies that keep us smart, agile, responsive…in tune with the market, leading its growth. 

At HEI, property value is our goal...people value is our strength.

About Us: Mission, Vision, Values

HEI’s core convictions, captured in our Mission, Vision and Values, are the result of a series of multi-level collaborative sessions with a cross section of associates across our company. These statements serve as HEI’s transcendent credo...as well as day-to-day guidelines...for achieving higher standards of personal interaction, two-way communication, professional excellence and collective success. 

Roll over the hexagons to reveal more information on our Mission, Vision, and Values. 

About Us: Growth

HEI is the fastest growing privately held owner/operator dedicated to the hospitality industry. 

Since its 2002 inception, HEI has fully aligned acquisition/development with operations and internal fund management, creating an efficient, risk-adverse business model designed to grow at an unprecedented, disciplined rate. Our growth is both qualitative and quantitative, as we continue to build our team of top industry talent and expand our portfolio of exceptional quality properties. 

In the span of 9 years, we have: 

Strategically assembled 41 properties in 16 states. 

Expanded our relationships with 10 major brands


Grown our associate "family", significantly increasing ourrate of internal promotions. 

Increased total assets under management. 

HEI has, and will continue to, set industry leading standards through its accelerated growth, associate development and consistently healthy investor returns. 

*These figures include assets from Fund I, Fund II, and HEI Prudential Joint Venture.

About Us: Evolution

About Us: Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility At HEI 

To HEI Hotels & Resorts, hospitality means much more than just providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our guests. We passionately believe in actively supporting the Communities in which we work, caring for our Associates, building meaningful Relationships with our partners, and reducing our impact on the Environment. At HEI we CARE.

Click on each aspect of our CARE program to learn more about HEI’s commitment to each. 


HEI is dedicated to making positive contributions to our local and global communities. As a company, we consistently strengthen our communities by committing time and resources to help build a more sustainable future.


Our associates are the heart of our company. HEI firmly believes that achieving the company’s vision requires engaged, aware associates. We empower our associates by investing in their wellness, the quality of their workplaces and their opportunities for development.


HEI understands the importance of strong relationships with our guests and vendors.  We engage and collaborate with our customers and suppliers to support sustainability.


HEI recognizes its responsibility to operate in a way that best conserves our world’s natural resources.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through innovative ideas and the ongoing use of sustainable business practices.

About Us:  Executive Team

About Us:  Our Logo

Our People

HEI views our associates as our greatest resource, and we hire and develop the best. 

We have a culture of winning, we embrace change, thrive on challenge and always seek to surpass our personal bests. Like a beehive where specialized skills, dedication to task and individual performance add up to collective success, HEI's unique owner/operator business model is leading the hospitality industry because of excellence achieved by every employee. 

Defined by our unique business platform, our environment is fast-paced, expansive and ever-evolving…yet stable, consistent, enduring. It is a high-performance culture where innovation and entrepreneurial-spirit are evident; initiative and results are rewarded. 

Our people know they're "in on the ground floor" of a company with all the cornerstones of success in place: experienced leaders, steady investors, a strong track record and long-term career potential. And in turn, each of our associates thrive because HEI's distinctly advantaged infrastructure creates a supportive, educational culture as well as unlimited opportunities for personal and professional success on every level. 

An engaging, high-energy environment, HEI presents a rare career opportunity: the chance to shape a powerful leader in the hospitality industry.

Our People: DNA

HEI hires the best of the best, from the most motivated and high-performing associates, managers, and executives. While they have diverse personal and professional backgrounds, HEI people share innate predispositions and characteristics: 

We are winners, who attract and surround ourselves with like-mindedhigh-performers

We are focused on continually improving on our own personal "bests"

We get it done and lead by example

We are entrepreneurs who uncover and make the most ofopportunities

We are team players who view collaboration as a smart, fast route tosuccess 

We are proactive problem-solvers, who know that pointing outproblems is not the same as finding solutions

We are calculated risk-takers and creative thinkers, committed todata-based decisions

We are eager learners and educators, who know that askingquestions and sharing knowledge are paramount to associatedevelopment

We are "people" people, who cultivate a winning community,targeted to being “best of the best”

We live out our Mission, Vision and Values

Our People: HEI-deologies

What inspires us at HEI? Passion, persistence, performance, profits.
We are motivated by aspirational philosophies passed on from our leaders and associates: 

Individual passion + purpose = collective success 

Find freedom within the framework

Seek and nurture talent in every arena

Hope is not a business strategy

Compete with yourself, collaborate with colleagues

Aim for “optimal” and you’ll reach “excellence” along the way

Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of thosewho are doing it

Always strategize to win

Our People: Advancement

A recognized hospitality leader, HEI is the place to learn, the place to grow...the experience everyone desires in their career. 

The synergized, discipline of our "owner/operator with readily available funds" platform creates both horizontal and vertical career paths. As we continue to acquire full service, upper upscale, and luxury hotels in major metro and leisure markets, our goal is to fill 75% of new positions from within. 

At HEI, we recognize and reward performance with career advancement. 

Our formal skills and leadership training programs acceleratesuccess, and high-achieving employees are invited to jump to one ofour proprietary Fast-Track Programs which accelerate advancement tohigh-level executive posts.

Our corporate intranet site (The Hive) enables associates to plantheir own training, putting advancement options and resources in thehands of every HEI associate. 

Our synergistic business model encourages cross-disciplinaryexperience and job movement across fields like finance, operations,revenue, sales, marketing, acquisitions, communications and HR,both in our hotels and our corporate office. 

Our steady growth via acquisition and development offers constantnew and exciting opportunities.

Our diverse full service, upper upscale, and luxury properties offergeographic mobility and exciting options in culturally-rich hubs.

Our relationships with multiple premiere brands present opportunitiesto increase depth and scope of brand expertise. 

Our long-term property ownership provides stability, continuity andprogressive advancement opportunities.

Our People: Success Stories

At HEI, we believe individual passion + purpose = collective success. 
Everyone of us is a coach, a colleague, a collaborator. How do we define success? Growth, recognition, rewards…and the unique excitement and satisfaction of building a dynamic industry leader. 

Get to know us….you’ll want to join us!

HEI is your fresh opportunity for fast track career growth

In just 8 years our portfolio has grown to 36 hotels and
resorts and we're committed to acquire and develop $500 million in hotels annually.

2007 internal promotions exceeded 50% at HEI.

Our portfolio is comprised of solely full service, upper upscale and luxury hotels and resorts. Offering high quality brand and market diversity that can't be found anywhere else in the industry.

When you get to know us, you'll want to join us

HEI is creating a legacy as the leading hospitality owner/operator. Are you ready to help shape the industry leader? 

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Acquisition & Development


HEI's Operations team embraces entrepreneurial spirit within a flexible, supportive infrastructure: freedom within a framework. Every individual is charged with running his or her part of the business, supported with tools, technology and training… plus ready capital resources to make ongoing, value-enhancing asset improvements. 

Seamlessly integrated into HEI's collaborative corporate network, HEI Operations generates, and has access to, critical real-time data that enables optimization of the company's portfolio of full-service and luxury properties. Open door policies and cross-disciplinary teams generate shared wisdoms and insights into market dynamics that are unequalled in the hospitality sector. 

Vigilant, focused and committed to continual value-enhancing improvements, HEI Operations consistently surpasses associates, guests and investors expectations, whether by time-tested initiatives, or fresh, out-of-the-box strategies that achieve new levels of excellence, faster and better



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