Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®

100 Charlotte Drive

Altoona, PA 16601

Telephone (814) 944-0691

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Looking for an hourly job? Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® is always looking for grill cooks, back-up cooks, prep cooks, bus/dishwashers, hosts, servers, cashiers, and retail personnel employees. We offer three pay raises in your first year, flexible scheduling, and paid vacations. You don't share tips and your wage is on-par with the best in the industry. There's also training, performance-based pay, benefits, and eligibility for 401K savings plans. We also foot half the bill when you eat during your shift.

Some companies pride themselves on long-winded and complicated mission statements, but that's just not our way. In fact, since the very first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® opened back in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee, we've kept things pretty simple.

The way we see it, our mission is to please people. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And if we do that, we have more than a fair chance of success. If everyone who walks in our front door gets a warm welcome and a good meal at a fair price. If they enjoy browsing through our old country store. If everyone who works with us or whom we do business with is treated fairly and with respect. If we do all those things, well, then we figure the business will take care
of itself. And fortunately, so far, it has.

Why People Like to Work for Us

At Cracker Barrel we believe that developing our employees is at the heart of our Pleasing People mission. The level of quality and service our guests have come to expect when they walk in our front doors requires that we have a strong commitment to training. As a result, we have designed programs that help our employees achieve their goals for development. If the employee commits to their own development, we will compensate them for it.

We have established training and advancement programs for hourly and management employees that:

  • Clearly communicate company policies and practices
  • Promote skill building
  • Provide career-growth opportunities
  • Offer financial rewards


Hourly employees advance at Cracker Barrel by participating in the Personal Achievement and Responsibility, or PAR, program that has been in place for over 20 years. PAR is a "self-paced" advancement program. Employees may move up the system as quickly or as slowly as they desire. There are four PAR levels. To move up a PAR level, an employee must receive a good performance evaluation, study additional materials while being paid for their time and pass an objective test on the skills required of the particular PAR level position the employee is seeking.

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