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Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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“Our mission is to exceed our owners’ expectations by providing exceptional care to the asset returning above industry returns on the investment through market domination leading in all marketing media, employee and guest satisfaction metrics thereby creating loyalty and large volume of repeat guests.”

About Us

The foundation for Brittain Resort Management was laid long before the company was formed with roots beginning in the 1950’s at the historic Chesterfield Inn in the heart of Myrtle Beach, S.C.   The entire Brittain family worked as a team doing everything from making beds to washing dishes on the busy weekend nights while honing the every changing marketing and guest satisfaction skills paramount to establishing a robust repeat business base.   Everyone worked hard and helped each other whenever needed.  Integrity and trust were and are ubiquitous even today.  The most treasured assets were a person’s word and reputation.  A handshake was a binding contract.

These quality traits have remained a core part of the family owned business of today and are the cornerstone for the company.   You are invited to “take a vacation from ordinary” as you explore the reputation of integrity, exceptional dependability, and ultimate service provided by the BRM team of professionals.  We have a simply philosophy when it comes to our owner’s vacation property and that is: We treat your property as if it we own it.  You get peace of mind we will care for your investment professionally, responsively, and with the focus of an experienced management team to maximize occupancy and keep your property well maintained and deal with any situation promptly.

There can be huge benefits to owning a vacation rental property.  You not only get memorable vacations with family and friends but you can also list your property with us and make significant income renting your rental property to others.  There can be additional tax benefits such as expense deductions and depreciation.

We love what we do.  Our team of professionals practice the core competencies established by the Brittain family by devoting a tremendous amount of energy and time to keep current on market conditions as we balance maximizing rental revenue and maintaining your property.

To meet the demands of all our property owners it requires we dominate three basic areas; 1) legendary guest satisfaction; 2) property management; 3) marketing.