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Senior Director Architecture, Design & Construction Sub-Saharan Africa

posted October 21, 2017

Hilton - Regional Office Europe
Watford, United Kingdom

About This Job


Position Summary:

To support the Senior Vice President Architecture Design and Construction in providing design and technical services to owners and developers of all new-build and conversion projects for the Hilton Family of Brands.

The position serves as the overall Sub-Saharan Africa regional Architecture Design and Construction strategist and champion for the enterprise. The position has complete accountability for the project delivery, technical and design services provided to third party owners developing or renovating hotels under our flags.

Position is responsible for the strategic planning and team member management of the Sub Saharan Africa team, whose responsibility is:

• Supporting the Hilton development department in order to facilitate the delivery of the Hilton growth plans, through the development and implementation of efficient and robust processes;
• Ensuring adherence to design and construction standards and monitoring construction activities for new-build and conversion hotel projects from the pre-design phase or PIP phase through hotel openings;
• Liaising with the respective Brand Support Teams and/or Operations teams to ensure their requirements are met; and
• Providing design review and assistance to owners undertaking major capital improvements at existing hotels.

As champion for Architecture Design and Construction in the region, the incumbent promotes a leadership image for the function among internal and external audiences to create a favorable environment for optimal performance. Maintaining positive relationships with owners, operators and other interested parties is critical.

The role is responsible for achieving operational excellence, ensuring that systems, policies and programs are in place to support the project direction and that all team members have proper tools to implement projects.
The role will include extensive travel throughout Sub Saharan Africa region and occasional trans-continental travel.

What will it be like to work for Hilton?

With thousands of hotels in over 100 countries and territories, Hilton offers countless opportunities to delight. From an open door to a welcoming smile and an exceptional experience, we offer the millions of travellers who stay with us every year a welcome they will never forget. If you appreciate the impact global travel can have on the world you may be just the person we are looking for to work as a Hilton Team Member. Because it’s with Hilton where we never forget the reason we're here: to delight our guests, Team Members, and owners alike.

What will I be doing?

Planning Activities 15%

• Assists the Senior Vice President Architecture Design and Construction with the development, implementation and ongoing management of a commercial development management strategy.
• Develops strategies and directions for development project management processes, procedures and reporting
• Executes strategic plans and supports communications of key messages internally and externally
• Develops plans to implement long term goals for project management and design standards
• Develops appropriate objectives for project management and design standards and directs their achievement
• Establishes procedures and processes in relation to project management and design standards
• Develops the strategic planning and coordination of Architecture Design and Construction to advance Company goals, while communicating key messages to internal and external stakeholders.
• Sets long term goals for the Architecture Design and Construction department that become the basis for short term goals and annual operational planning.
• Determines the appropriate objectives for the business and how those objectives are going to be accomplished. Communicates these objectives effectively to the team and other stakeholders, ensuring relevant input is obtained from all key partners.
• Partners with Regional leadership to ensure the overall strategic direction of the Architecture Design and Construction teams is consistent with and supported by these areas, as well as providing them with the support required to achieve their business goals.
• Manages the cross-functional links between Architecture Design and Construction and other departments, ensuring effective business partnering takes place and building successful relationships.

Organising Activities 15%

• Implements plans to ensure overall strategic direction of project management and design standards is consistent and supported by other areas
• Identifies resources, oversees activities and confers with key stakeholders to ensure objectives of project management standards are accomplished
• Directs assignment of tasks ensuring optimum allocation of resources
• Ensures management communication plan is properly executed
• Oversees and evaluates business processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness
• Manages cross-functional links to other Architecture Design and Construction departments globally
• Implements business metrics to ensure effectiveness of project management and design standards.

Directing Activities 10%

• Directs development and administration of project management and design standards
• Provides direction to team members and establishes work priorities to achieve management objectives
• Executes organisational directives and encourages achievement of goals through motivation, communication and leadership
• Conducts effective management of third parties, identifies vendors and monitors costs and quality of service
• Establishes the flow of authority and communication between position and levels within the organization.
Streamlines business processes to maximize efficiency and effectiveness within the department.

Staffing Activities 10%

• Provides direction and leadership to team members within the Architecture Design and Construction function, as well as being a leadership figure for team members outside of the department.
• Ensures top level talent is in place within the organization by assessing current talent and succession planning and reviewing talent available in the market.
• Working on talent reviews and developing current talent to achieve greater strategic goals and performance, as well as planning for attracting external talent.
• Determines staffing needs and oversee the recruiting, selecting, hiring, training and developing of department team members, identifying top talent and nurturing this to ensure pipeline.
• Works with direct reports to accomplish goals and career objectives, providing a focus on personal development as well as career progression.
• Provides focus on improving diversity within the department as part of the Company-wide initiative, attracting and retaining diverse talent across the piece.
• Manages the regional team including workload planning, resource management, undertaking regular informal and formal reviews and agreeing personal development plans, as well as performance managing staff as appropriate to drive business success.
• Directs task and project activity, delegating effectively to team members to ensure tasks are completed in a timely manner, while ensuring optimal allocation of resources.
• Providing reward and recognition as appropriate to team members in order to motivate and improve individual and team performance.
• Ensure effective communication mechanisms are in place within the team and with all other relevant parties to provide an aligned approach.

Controlling Activities 10%

• Directs and implements proper controls and systems, ensuring these are understood and followed.
• Translates goals into performance standards for departments and individuals, managing effectively against these standards.
• Assesses actual performance to ensure success and takes corrective actions, providing continuous feedback and supporting development.
• Ensures business plan is followed and achieved providing feedback as necessary.
• Establishes and enforces policies and procedures to improve overall operations
• Monitors return on investment of capital and time resources
• Ensures project management and design standards works effectively across cultures and markets
• Works within approved budgets and adjusts activites and expenses to ensure optimal financial results.

Development Management Activities 40%

• Works effectively with the development teams to secure agreements for new and conversion hotels including making technical design and construction recommendations to the Development team in order to ensure that potential projects are in accordance with both technical and brand standards.
• Manages project management and reporting tools, databases and the like.
• Prepares development management policies and procedures including liaising with other Hilton departments to ensure that any systems are aligned.
• Prepares internal Hilton reports on a monthly basis including budgets, targets, pipeline and project specifics.
• Liaison with other Hilton Architecture, Design and Construction regions to ensure that best practice is being shared globally.
• Reviews design and construction standards periodically and contribute to the process of maintaining brand standards within the region.
• Prepares and provide presentations to owners, company management and other ‘project services’ groups outlining the scope of Architecture Design and Construction services, company Brand initiatives and the like.
• Oversees all development projects to ensure that the projects are delivered successfully and in a compliant manner both internally and externally.

Supportive Functions:

In addition to performance of the essential functions, this position may be required to perform a combination of the following supportive functions, with the percentage of time performing each function to be solely determined by the supervisor based upon the particular requirements of the company

• Contribute to multi-skilled projects
• To be aware of business and commercial opportunities for Hilton
• To conduct competitor and industry analysis and produce reports and recommendations to enhance Hilton’s project management processes, procedures, standards, etc
• Any and all other job duties as assigned.

Organizational Relationships:

Manages the Sub Saharan Africa team of Project Directors and ‘dotted line’ management responsibility for other Architecture, Design and Construction functions in the region, eg Design and Engineering Support.

What are we looking for?

The individual must possess the following knowledge, skills and abilities and be able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation.

• Must be able to read and understand design and construction standards and all other criteria established by Hilton to determine the physical requirements of all brands.
• Must be able to read and understand architectural and engineering construction documents, specifications, construction submittals, etc in order to ensure that the design and construction of projects are in compliance with established standards.
• Excellent general knowledge of design and construction materials and methods and specific knowledge pertaining to the design and construction of full service and focused service hotels.
• Knowledge of the hotel franchising business is desirable. One of the challenging aspects of this position is the need to communicate openly and honestly with Hilton’s partners, maintain a good working relationship with them, but be able to deal with problems when confronted with a design and construction issue which does not meet Hilton requirements.
• Excellent communication skills: written and public speaking
• Abilty to direct collaboration among cross-functional teams including external resources
• Ability to analyse departmental financial data in order to make strategic and tactical decisions
• Leads by example to resolve conflicts, introduce change and ensure collaboration among others
• Demonstrates the highest standards of ethical behaviour and absolute discretion with sensitive information
• Ability to take initiative to identify, prioritise and implement actions required to achieve functional goals
• Strong problem solving skills including ability to address any issue in collaboration with others, identify and prevent potential problems and develop problem solving skills in others
• Ability to provide development and mentoring to others
• Budget development and management skills
• Ability to work independently and manage the work of others
• Abiility to deliver performance feedback to subordinates to improve overall performance
• Capable of conversing with both technical and non-technical parties
• Experience in dealing with developers, Owners and other corporate clients

What benefits will I receive?

Your benefits will include a competitive starting salary and holiday entitlement. As an employee you will become a member of the Go Hilton Team Member Travel Program, which provides reduced hotel room rates for you, your family & friends! We look forward to explaining in detail the range of excellent benefits that you would expect from a global hotel organization like Hilton.


Required Qualifications:

• University degree in architecture, engineering or a construction related discipline
• Recognised professional qualification in architecture, engineering or a construction related discipline
• Work experience of 15 years or more in property design, engineering, and/or construction related roles including at least 5 years senior management experience
• Minimum of 5 years hotel development and construction related experience ideally within an international hotel group
• Experience working in multi-cultural or international setting
• In-depth knowledge of construction projects and track record of successful project delivery
• Demonstrate clear leadership skills and the capability to motivate and manage a team



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