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Operations Manager

posted September 25, 2017

The Falls Event Center, Gilbert AZ
Gilbert, AZ
"...Oh the possibilities when you join our management team of Dream Makers!"
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About This Job

Job Summary:

The Operations Manager is to support daily activities and events hosted at The Falls Event Center. This is accomplished by supervising the event center staff and operations, and developing relationships with third party vendors for entertainment services. Other duties may include overseeing sales and service activities, including sponsorship and community involvement, developing processes and procedures and instilling best practices, booking and scheduling of rented supplies, production and coordination of events and overall client satisfaction. This position provides direction to other employees and reports to the General Manager.


Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years of Managing/Event Service experience

Ability to work independently with little or no supervision

Passion for creating memories and romance

Master the distinction “exquisite care,” demonstrate interpersonal skills, even temperament, and ability to supervise effectively

Previous experience in scheduling and coordinating employees assignments

Quick problem solving abilities, initiative, multi-tasking and organization in challenging situations are essential

Knowledge of Microsoft office products and the ability to learn new software

Must be focused, flexible and have great attention to detail

Ability to lead and build effective working relationships with co-workers


Act as the General Manager in the GM’s absence

Communicate daily with the event center team, planning work schedules

Interact with guests or potential guests on the phone and in the event center

Ensure all events run smoothly and are a total success

Assist the General Manager with managing budgets and financial plans

Assist with the recruitment, training, organization and monitoring of staff

Supervise maintenance, supplies and equipment

Lead by example in maintaining service standards

Apply current legal and in-house HR procedures to ensure the retention of good staff

Research markets to identify new business

Negotiate with external service providers and suppliers as required

Maintain spending and supplies

Ensure compliance with health and safety, licensing laws and other legal regulations

Day-to-day troubleshooting and addressing problems as they arise

Appearance Standard:

Business attire

Name tag must be worn at all times and is considered a part of the uniform

Compensation: $35K to $45K


About This Employer

Special Events Facility

You Decide: Food, Decor & Entertainment

Central to every event is vision. You have envisioned a certain experience for your guests and every detail is left to your discretion so you can deliver that experience. We have an open vendor policy so your desired food, decor and entertainment are all welcome at The Falls. We encourage you to shop vendors to find those that are a good fit for both your vision and budget.

If desired, we also offer full-service event planning. Our network of exceptional service professionals shares our passion for creating memorable events at an affordable price.

A Venue That Fits Your Event

When it comes to hosting an event—whether it’s a wedding, a party, a business dinner, or corporate training—most communities have very limited options available. Restaurants may be too loud, hotels can be too expensive, and alternative locations are often too limited. The Falls Event Centers provide a gathering place like no other.

The Falls Event Centers are built to host all types of events, including weddings, quinceañeras, dances, parties, Mitzvah celebrations, seminars and business meetings. Regardless of the size of your event, you will find our flexibility and pricing refreshing.