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Housekeeping Job Openings

Make guests feel comfortable and at home!

Housekeeping jobs are critical in the hospitality industry. Often the core element of a great guest experience is the cleanliness and comfort of their room. A room attendant can take pride knowing that their work makes a world of difference for guests.

For the kind of person who gets a feeling of total satisfaction after thoroughly cleaning their home, housekeeping may be a good fit. Great room attendants are detail-oriented and like to stay on the move instead of sitting still. Generally, housekeepers have a quota but set their own pace throughout the day, so it’s a satisfying position for those who like to be self-directed at work. Hard-working room attendants will find many opportunities to move into supervisory positions or other aspects of hotel work, if they desire.

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Vancouver, BC, Canada
Atlanta, GA
April 28, 2022

Room Attendant

The Hotel Saskatchewan

Regina, SK, Canada
Mexico City, Mexico
Chicago, IL
Mexico City, Mexico
New York, NY
Nashville, TN
Mexico City, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Dallas, TX
Koloa, Kauai, HI