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Prism Hotels & Resorts

14800 Landmark Boulevard, Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75254

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We're an award winning full service hotel management, investment and advisory services company.  We work with the hospitality industry's largest brands, small boutique hotels and luxury resort properties across the U.S. to maximize revenues.  But you already knew that!    What you might not know that from the back of the house to the CEO's office, it's our core values and personality that are the key to our great success.  From our first day in business, the Prism culture has been implied, but now, for the first time, it has been defined...

Our Core Values

Integrity   We conduct our business in an ethical, transparent manner which balances the needs of all stakeholders.   Compassion   We show genuine understanding and concern for the interests and needs of all parties in every decision, process and action.   Personal Leadership   In everything we do, we practice ownership of and accountability for our decisions, responsibilities, actions and their consequences.   Commitment to Results   Each team member understands the importance of his or her contribution to Prism's overall results, and strives every day to exceed individual and team expectations.

Our Personaility


We infuse our work with vibrant energy, a sense of humor, and celebration.  


We make timely and informed decisions, win often, and lose fast, to expedite results.  


We are genuine and personable in our relationships at every point of contact.  


We continually seek new opportunities, processes, and creative use of available and potential tools to achieve desired results.


Founded in 1983 by CEO Steve Van as a developer of luxury hotels in Texas, Prism Hotels has since grown into an award winning full service hotel management, investment and advisory services company with a reputation for operational excellence and delivering measurable results. The genesis of this success story began in the early 1980’s when Steve and a small group of partners embarked on building, buying, repositioning and operating some of the most well known landmark luxury hotels in Texas. Among the distinguished list include: The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa in Houston, The Melrose Hotel in Dallas, The Hyatt Hotel in Austin and the Westchase Hilton Hotel in Houston. During this time, Prism Hotels began to establish itself as one of the premier boutique developers and operators in the Southwest United States and equally as one of the savviest investors in the industry.

In the late 90’s, Steve and his talented team of professionals realized that the next downturn in the hotel economy was on the horizon and that future chapters of the Prism Hotel story would involve minimizing their ownership exposure and growing the operating division of the organization. This would enable Prism to enter the management arena with enough critical mass and bench strength to compete with the well known operators of the time. It was around that time that Steve began to realize that the emerging Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities industry was in need of a qualified hospitality expert.

Attending a CMBS conference in 1998, not knowing what to expect, Prism was (and to this day still is) the only “Hotel Expert” at these conferences. As a result of that decision to attend the conference, Prism has since managed over 115 hotels throughout North America and The Caribbean on behalf of these CMBS lenders and forged relationships with the Secured Mortgage industry that is unrivaled. Prism will be holding its 13th annual conference, “Fishing for Solutions”, for these institutional lenders as a way to further educate them on the nuance of hospitality and introduce them to some of the key communicators in the hotel industry.

During this time Steve and his team also began to assemble a world-class team of operators from the recently spun-off Bristol Hotels and Resorts. The cultural, philosophical and fiscally conservative parallel between Prism and Bristol was immediately obvious. In 2001 and 2002 when the rest of the hotel world was laying off and downsizing, Prism was rapidly expanding its portfolio of managed hotels with a blend of institutional owners, CMBS lenders and private ownership groups. As a result of experiencing this enormous growth during the worst time in hotel history, Prism remains very passionate about creating financial success on both the top and bottom line in all of our hotels.

Who We Are

Prism Hotels & Resorts

Walk through the doors of Prism’s home office in the Landmark Building of Dallas, TX, and you’ll see exactly “who we are”. You’ll see a team of industry leaders, individually and collectively working hard to drive the best hotel performance and the best results for our owners. We commit ourselves to the training and development of every employee, as we thrive on a respectful environment where excellence is expected and rewarded.

What We Do

At Prism Hotels & Resorts, we create the best place to work and the best places to stay in the country. You’ll witness collaboration among our team of hotel professionals, as we brainstorm for revenue ideas, analyze data for new expense trends, and push each other for an even better tomorrow. And, often times, you’ll find us thanking each other & celebrating our successes.

A Typical Day In The Office

A typical day at Prism comprises of outstanding employees who have an inherent need to serve others. You may find a Senior Accountant and their VP of Operations hosting a webinar with a hotel, analyzing the P&L to identify new operational efficiencies. In another conference room, you may discover our Director of Hotel Performance reviewing TripAdvisor reviews with a General Manager of another hotel, advising them on how to improve their hotel rankings. Walk down the hall a little more, and you may find our Executive Committee interviewing a top candidate for a hotel managerial position, ensuring that we consistently hire the best possible talent for our properties.

During many days at Prism, you’ll find our Business Development Team sitting with a prospective owner and advising them on hotel brand options and opportunities to maximize their asset value. On every Monday morning, you will find the entire team at Prism – all 36 of us – gathered in our main conference room, sharing our accomplishments and challenges from the previous week, and goals for the current week. However, no matter what day it is, you’ll always find a team of the most passionate, hardworking, and well-rounded hotel professionals in the industry.

At prism hotels & resorts, we require experience, but we hire attitude.

Join Our Team


Spend a little time getting to know Prism Hotels & Resorts and you’ll quickly find we aren’t your typical hotel management company.

Prism Hotels & Resorts is the best place to start, grow or advance your career in the hospitality industry. Whether your interest and expertise lies in management, accounting, sales or engineering, you'll find a home at Prism--where dedication, hard work and a commitment to the best results can move you quickly up the career path of your choosing. Because we believe in mentoring, nurturing and promoting from within our talented organization, with the experience and support provided to you by Prism, the sky's the limit!

We maintain a constant focus on our associates and on creating the best work environment out there, one in which you can develop your skills, further your career goals, and enjoy a balance between work and home life. And while we take our commitment to success very seriously, we believe in an atmosphere of growth, development and fun!

Our ability to succeed is based largely on the people we hire and an unwavering commitment to their personal and professional fulfillment. We go to great lengths to find the best person to fill a position, with as much value placed on a friendly and engaging personality as we do on a great resume. If you also value and demonstrate a high degree of integrity, compassion, personal leadership and resourcefulness, please check out our current openings which are regularly updated.  

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Prism Hotels & Resorts

14800 Landmark Boulevard, Suite 800

Dallas, TX 75254

Telephone (214) 987-9300

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