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Pyramid Hotel Group

One Post Office Square, Suite 3100

Boston, MA 02109

Telephone (617) 412-2800

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How we get it done

We are all hoteliers with hands-on experience in every type of hospitality asset there is.

We have a team of financial and operational analysts that supports the Asset Management group.

Pyramid is the only independent, third party asset management company whose foundation is built exclusively on the operation of every type of hospitality asset with wide hands-on experience as owner, operator, franchisor and franchisee. 

Pyramid enjoys preferred, senior highest-level relationships with virtually every brand management company.


Pyramid Hotel Group has developed a distinctive management philosophy that is at the core of our corporate culture and permeates all our interactions with Owners, Partners, Associates, Customers and the Communities where we work. Our people-centric principles define our business beliefs, our expectations and how we deliver superior results.


Pyramid Hotel Group is committed to being the best, most desirable employer in the industry.

To achieve this goal, we recognize the importance of providing respect, support and rewards to all of our people.  We seek motivated and enthusiastic team players to join Pyramid Hotel Group who believe in these same values.

Pyramid is comprised of a diverse group of individuals. Some of our people have worked together for many years; others have recently joined our team, but all bring dynamic insights and perspectives.  Together we strive for excellence in every endeavor.

What makes working at Pyramid Hotel Group different?
  • We pride ourselves on being agile, flexible and responsive.

    • We provide all the internal resources of a large hotel chain without the burdens of bureaucracy.

  • We provide outstanding leadership.

    • Our principals, officers and managers are experienced team players. They are always accessible to our associates and provide exceptional support and development.

  • We focus on Respect, Recognition and Rewards.

    • We hold our associates accountable for their goals. In return we treat our people with respect, recognize excellence in job performance and reward achievement in meaningful ways.

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Pyramid Hotel Group

One Post Office Square, Suite 3100

Boston, MA 02109

Telephone (617) 412-2800