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EHS Hospitality Group

1630 Morrill Street

Sarasota, FL 34236

Telephone (941) 926-1990

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EHS Hospitality Group is comprised of the best recruiters in the business. All recruiters in EHS have strong hospitality operational backgrounds with years of experience, in the restaurant, hotel and resort segments. EHS has been in the business for over two decades with offices throughout the United States. In this time we have placed thousands of managers Nationally and Internationally.

In today's job market the word is Management Retention. At EHS Hospitality Group, we have always held this paramount when assisting our clients in fulfilling their management needs. Over the past two decades our role as recruiters has evolved into more then “finding and placing” candidates. We do NOT just shuffle resumes. We have become career consultants for our candidates and business partners for our clients by helping retain and develop managers.

Building a great management team is a two-way street. For us it is an understanding of the candidates' needs and career objectives, along with their history, strengths, and commitments. On the client side it's developing a rapport and trust. Trust that we will send you qualified candidates who have been interviewed in person and fully prepped to ensure they will enhance your management team and continued growth and success of your company.

In this competitive hospitality market, the success of any organization is determined by the strength of their management. We know how time intensive it can be searching for the right person to fill your management positions and time is money! So when we include the cost of internet/newspaper ads, setting up interviews, checking references, the consistent feedback and time spent helping negotiate the best financial packageÂ…the service EHS provides is a time saving and cost effective tool for you.

We want to take this time to offer our services as a search firm. We are committed to being different. EHS is both committed to the client and the candidate. EHS is all about making the perfect fit for both!

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EHS Is Different From Other Recruiting Companies

We meet 90% of our candidate and do full one to two hour interviews. It's the only way to make a great fit for you!
All of our recruiters have a strong hospitality management background. We know better than to take a Sous Chef and try to place him in quick service. We will not waste your time. We have been were you are.

EHS is a free, confidential, networking service for candidates like yourself. Our service allows managers to search for a position while still remaining employed. For those unemployed it allows you to quickly find the best opportunities and be moved through the interview process quickly because of our long standing client contacts.

We call ourselves Career Managers because even though the companies pay our fees our main concern is finding the “right fit” for the candidate. We take time to discover and evaluate the candidate's skills, define their goals, ambitions and desires: we then guide you through every step of the interview process by providing the necessary information on each company/interviewer. Our companies/candidates appreciate us because we meet 90% of our candidates and interview them. We do not do 5 minute phone calls and then blast your resume across the internet. We also will not work with every company that will pay us. We only work with companies that take care of their managers and live up to their promises.

The majority of our management positions are not advertised and vary from day to day as we fill and take job orders from Clients. Our having your resume allows us to evaluate your abilities and begin networking for you immediately if you desire, let us assist you in locating the great career change you have been thinking about! So please search our jobs and apply on line for great career opportunities. Contact Us.

And even though you may not be looking for a new job now, we are hear to assist you and answer your questions. We can also assist you in putting together your resume. So that when that time comes that you would like to advance your career and have a better quality of life you will feel comfortable knowing we are here for you.

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EHS Hospitality Group

1630 Morrill Street

Sarasota, FL 34236

Telephone (941) 926-1990

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