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Online MBA (OMBA) - Hospitality And Tourism Management

Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

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FAU’s Hospitality and Tourism Management ranks among the top 30 programs in the U.S. (The Best Schools Magazine) and is a leader in Florida.

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Hospitality and tourism is the world's largest service industry with managerial needs and opportunities across a vast variety of segments: resorts, restaurants, private clubs, meeting and event planning corporations, destination marketing organizations, casinos, theme parks, sport facilities, entertainment venues, and many more.

A Hospitality and Tourism Management specialization prepares students to become service industry leaders ready to join the thriving local, regional and global hospitality network. FAU faculty possess extensive industry experience and continually update curriculum with real-world scenarios to meet current industry demands. Students explore key competencies relevant to hospitality-specific management roles: marketing-management issues, theories on customer, competitor, and core organizational capabilities; advanced managerial perspectives in guest services (including service operations management and strategies for competitive excellence); and operational excellence in event and meeting planning.

Students who choose a Hospitality and Tourism Management specialization select courses from the list below, or other approved Special Topics courses to fulfill the 12 credit (4 course) elective requirement. Elective course offerings vary by semester. Courses may be offered online or on-campus.

*Certain specializations may vary in cost and schedule from the enrolled program (e.g. some specializations may be only available online or require class attendance outside of the regularly scheduled program times, such as on the weekends).

HMG 6299: Hospitality Operations: A Case Approach

Examines operations of hospitality management businesses using critical case analysis approach; reviews multiple industry segments (resorts, casinos, airlines, restaurants, etc.).

HMG 6506: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Marketing

Offers an advanced examination of services marketing and management within the context of the hospitality industry. Discusses marketing-management issues specific to hospitality and covers theories related to customer, competitor and core organizational capabilities.

HMG 6546: Strategies for Excellence in Guest Service Management

Explores the provision and management of guest service in the hospitality industry from an advanced managerial perspective. Covers service operations management from an integrated viewpoint with a focus on the overarching goal of competitive excellence.

HMG 6756: Meetings and Events Management

Investigates the events industry using an advanced managerial perspective. Examines the structure of the events industry, its global economic impact, the various protocols and procedures in event delivery and the challenges facing today’s executives with strategies for operational excellence.

HMG 6901: Directed Independent Study (DIS) in Hospitality Management (Instructor permission needed)

Supports students in developing an advanced-level research project within the hospitality industry. Students may develop a review of literature on a specific hospitality topic or perform applied research. Design of topic and project done in concert with course professor.

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Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Hospitality and Tourism Management Program


Welcome to the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program located within the world class College of Business at Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The FAU College of Business is AACSB-accredited and continued to be one of the top ranked nationally. 

The Hospitality and Tourism Management Program prepares students for management positions in multiple segments of the world’s largest service industry. Upon completion, graduates enjoy various professional roles in a variety of industries including: resorts, hotels, restaurants, private clubs, meeting and event planning corporations, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, conference centers, cruise lines, casinos, theme parks, auto rental agencies, sports facilities and arenas, spas, entertainment venues and theaters, and vacation ownership or fractional ownership operations.

Potential career areas include operations management, sales and marketing, public relations, revenue management, food and beverage, engineering, housekeeping, human resource management, tourism planning and development, hospitality consulting, hospitality law, casino operations, and many others. Students who choose to major or minor in Hospitality and Tourism Management receive a broad management-based education following the core business curriculum. This base provides a platform of knowledge with the overall focus on improving one's ability to successfully and profitably manage a hospitality or tourism organization.

The Hospitality and Tourism Management program offers a large number of certificates including Meetings & Events Management, Club Management, Casinos and Gaming, and Hospitality Management