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Maintenance Technician

posted September 16, 2019

Texican Court
Irving, TX
689447 l

About This Job

JOB SUMMARY: Ensure guest satisfaction through a properly maintained property, guest rooms, public areas and by responding promptly and efficiently to guest complaints and concerns. Know all fire and safety rules, regulations and policies. Perform preventive maintenance and repairs as necessary in accordance with hotel standards. Also would be responsible of some Landscaping Duties


Physical abilities:

  1. Standing/Walking: Constantly. Stairs, tile, rubber mates covering tile, linoleum, concrete, padded carpet, marble, and gravel, etc.
  2. Crouching (Bend at knees): Frequently. Lifting, completing tasks performed at low levels, putting supplies and materials away.
  3. Stooping (Bend at waist): Frequently. Repairing cosmetic needs or furniture and other equipment as needed
  4. Reaching (Overhead/extension): Frequently. Performing repairs, retrieving supplies and materials, updating shop board
  5. Twisting/Turning (Knees/waist/neck): Frequently. Perform cosmetic, electrical, plumbing and other repairs.
  6. Climbing: Frequently. Ladders, step stools, and stairs, etc.
  7. Crawling/kneeling: Frequently. Perform plumbing repairs, carpet repairs, etc.
  8. Handling/grasping: Frequently. Occasionally. Performing repairs.
  9. Balance: Frequently. Climbing ladders, scaffolding, stairs, carrying tools and equipment.
  10. Pushing/Pulling: Average weight: Frequently. Equipment, carts, racks, weighting 5-100 lbs. Maximum weight: Occasionally. Equipment weighting up to 150 lbs.
  11. Lifting/carrying: Average weight. Frequently. Equipment and supplies weighting an average of 5-50 lbs. Maximum weight: Occasionally. Equipment and supplies weighting up to 100 lbs.


Working Environment:

  • All interior areas of the hotel.
  • Exterior of hotel with exposure to weather conditions.
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals in a controlled environment.


ESSENTIAL DUTIES & Responsabilities:

  1. Maintain, repair and troubleshoot all manageable mechanical operations and equipment including, the following areas:
  2. Electrical-switches, lamps/ballasts, electrical receptacles, etc.
  3. Plumbing- fixtures repair and replacement, pvc/cu pipe, drain clearing and repair, water heater, etc.
  4. Carpentry- drywall, wall paper, painting, caulking, tile repair and replacement windows, doors, locks , furniture repair, etc.
  5. Mechanical-equipment maintenance (washer, dryer, vacuum cleaners, plaza gates etc.)
  6. Other general repairs as necessary
  7. Possess a good mechanical knowledge of how to safely operate and maintain all tools.
  8. Respond to and complete all work orders in a timely manner, closing out as completed.
  9. Maintain a preventative maintenance schedule.
  10. Keep all work areas, shop and guest rooms neat and orderly.
  11. Maintain proper inventory levels.
  12. Perform daily Building/Room Audits.
  13. Check all exterior lighting, public area lighting, and signage daily. This includes: parking lot lights, high rises, entrance signs, walking lights, corridor, lobby and elevator.
  14. Be punctual in reporting to work in the proper uniform with a name tag. Personal hygiene is required daily.
  15. Help maintain the overall appearance of the hotel’s public space and hallways to help maintain a safe and clean environment. 
  16. Respond to both customer and hotel staff reports of non-functioning equipment immediately
  17. Paint and touch up all areas of the hotel and maintain guest rooms to perfect condition
  18. Maintains rooms in operating condition by performing repairs as needed
  19. Performs preventive maintenance throughout the hotel and report progress to office coordinator
  20. Have a thorough understanding of hotel fire alarm procedures and other emergencies
  21. Attend required meetings
  22. Keep work areas clean and organized
  23. Be extremely courteous to all customers and fellow employees
  24. Report unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately
  25. Maintain hotel equipment in proper working conditions.
  26. Any other duties assigned by your immediate supervisor



  1. Maintenance/engineering experience required in a hotel or related field.
  2. An ability to work safely and confidently with un-energized circuits from 120v.-480v.
  3. Proven organization and time management skills.
  4. Guest focused, optimistic, self-disciplined, self-starter.
  5. Problem solver, self motivated, ability to learn more skills to better serve guests and the company.
  6. Ability to solve practical problems and interpret a variety of written and oral instructions..
  7. Multi task-oriented.
  8. Ability to overcome unexpected obstacles through resourceful means.
  9. Neat, professional appearance and good personal hygiene.
  10. Able to work varying schedules to reflect the business needs of the hotel. In addition, attendance at all scheduled training sessions and meetings is required.
  11. Must be able to read, follow directions and be flexible.
  12. Must be able to speak and write in a language understood by manager and/or supervisor.
  13. Ability to communicate with guests, associates, and management.
  14. Ability to take direction from hotel and housekeeping management.
  15. Ability to perform assigned duties with attention to detail, follow-through courtesy, cooperativeness and work with a minimum of supervision.

Compensation: 16.00


About This Employer

Texican Court

501 West Las Colinas Blvd
Irving, TX 75039

(214) 459-1911

152 Room Hotel

Managed by

An Irving Boutique Hotel 

Welcome to Valencia Group’s Texican Court where guests experience a blending of cultures from Texas and Mexico. Texican Court is located in the heart of Las Colinas, TX across from the Convention Center and The Music Factory. The hotel is designed to provide a rich setting for people to escape their everyday lives and settle into a world that moves slower and where the Texas sun is not a burden but rather a reason to settle in for a cold beverage with a plate of tacos. “Make Tacos Not War.”