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Pastry Assistant

posted October 29, 2019

Windows Catering Company
Alexandria, VA
Are you an Experienced Pastry Assistant?

About This Job

Windows Catering Company, DC’s premier caterer, is  searching for line cooks to join our amazing team! 

Under the direction of a head pastry chef, assistants help create baked goods such as fresh bread, pastries, and desserts to customers. Hours can be part or full time depending on the employer’s needs. Likewise, various shifts are available, including early morning hours to get products baked before doors open. Pastry assistants are particularly busy around holidays when seasonal and specialty items are in high demand.


The daily activities of pastry assistants vary by where they work and the expectations of their supervisors, but our look at job listings shows some core tasks important to the position, including the following:

Prepare Baked Goods

At the heart of this career is helping with the creation of pastries and other baked goods. Common actions include measuring ingredients, kneading dough, mixing by hand or with kitchen tools, taking items in and out of the oven, and placing goods on cooling racks.

Fill and Decorate Pastries and Desserts

Whether cupcakes need frosting or cream puffs require filling, pastry assistants add the special and delicious touches that make baked items look and taste wonderful. Decorating especially allows pastry assistants to use their creativity.

Plate Desserts

Attractive presentation contributes to the appeal of the product. To this end, pastry assistants may artistically arrange desserts on plates at restaurants or set up mouth-watering arrangements in display cases.

Monitor Supplies

No bakery wants to run short on sugar! Pasty assistants monitor the stock of ingredients and other necessary items and place orders to restore inventory.

Train New Helpers

When new assistants come on board, experienced ones often take the lead in getting them up to speed. Actions might include demonstrating how to use equipment, showing the location of ingredients, instructing on proper procedures, and going over cleaning routines.

Compensation: Based on Experience


About This Employer

Windows Catering Company

5724 General Washington Drive
Alexandria, VA

(703) 519-3500


Our Story

Known as one of the premier off-premise caterers in Washington D.C., Windows has an established national reputation for exceptional food, creativity and presentation combined with outstanding service. Windows’ New American-style cuisine is abound with inventive interpretations and modern creations based on the very best traditions of American, regional and international cuisine.

In 1985, Chef-proprietor Henry Dinardo, well known on the national food scene, founded the nationally acclaimed restaurant, Windows, which earned him the honor as one of the Top 25 Chefs in America by Food & Wine Magazine. In 1987, Chef Dinardo and partner, Carol Bloom, a former public relations executive for the Watergate Hotel, established Windows Catering Company to meet the growing demand for high-quality special events and entertaining.

Overseeing Windows’ in-house kitchen and bakery, Executive Chef Pasquale Ingenito, and the 2005 National Pastry Champion Chef Laurent Lhuillier work with a talented team to create an exceptional variety of hors d’oeuvres, entrees and desserts. Attuned to the changing tastes and trends in food and presentation, Chefs Dinardo, Ingenito and Lhuillier continually update Windows’ offerings with a variety of delicacies that include Truffled Lobster “Corn Dog” with Grain Mustard Soubise and Hudson Valley Foie Gras with Torchon Apricot Peach Compote and Moulard Duck Ham.

Windows Catering Company is an equal opportunity employer in practice and policy. We treat employees and applicants fairly without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. Windows Catering Company is a drug-free workplace.