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General Manager

Posted January 5, 2021

Hotel La Compañía-a Hyatt Unbound Collection Hotel
Panamá City, Panama
Once in a lifetime opportunity! The owners are seeking a Spanish speaking General Manager that wants to be respected as a partner. A great opportunity for a driven individual that would like to make a "mark" by breathing life into an utterly unique property!

About This Job

General Manager Position

Hotel La Compañia

Casco Viejo, Panama


Taking advantage of a prime location embedded with a unique history is Hotel La Compañia. Situated in the leading metropolis of Latin America in Panama City, Hotel La Compañia (HLC) is a bold and necessary step into the historical themed accommodation, an exceptional jewel, for the right hotelier to prominently sparkle.

The Opportunity

The hotel is privately owned by a group of individual investors, mostly based in Asia. The successful GM will deal directly with the main owner and need not report to a board, per say. The GM will have ultimate autonomy to direct the Hotel over the long term. The owners seek to identify an entrepreneurial General Manager that would like to make a long-term commitment to building a “legacy” hotel that bares their name/mark. The owners recognise that the hotelier’s world is a transient one and that this is indeed a draw card for many to join the industry. The owners further recognise this as one of the reasons that some hoteliers leave the industry as the constant moving of family is not desirable.

The Job

The owners are looking for a long-term GM a “Patron/a” that will help to breathe and sustain life into these historic ruins. The successful candidate will require a high level of Spanish language both spoken and written. And a proven track record with Internationally recognised brands including hotel opening experience.

He/She will ideally be in their mid-forties, however, candidates not in this age category that feel they have something of significance to offer will be considered. The job will entail numerous hours of toil and will be a challenging struggle of harmonising costs with dreams and bank balances, whilst teaching and imparting guidance to associates who struggle with this concept. The appropriate candidate, however, will be able to offset this challenge with the creation of a rare landmark in the hospitality world and become the guiding light of service quality in this region. Worthy accolades for a person with the desire and fortitude.

The Person

One who is committed to their belief in creating a uniquely personal product in a world of cookie cutter/copycat experiences. The person needs to have resilience and confidence in their views, and not be afraid to use their experience to implement “new” rules. The person needs to be driven by ambition but mature in their expectation of results and the time required to define the difference of good and unique. The person needs to have the fortitude and perseverance to forge ahead in the creation of their own legacy. To the right hotelier this will make absolute sense. The owners have crafted the vehicle for HLC’s success and now need to identify the driver. Values and attributes should be consistent with the owners. The candidate should reflect integrity, honor, vision, creativity and confidence.

The Package

The successful candidate will become the mental owner of this vision. Their renumeration will meet market conditions however the correct person will be entitled to earn retroactive profit sharing. He/She is envisioned to be rewarded significantly higher than the going market rates for this position.



About this Employer

Hotel La Compañía-a Hyatt Unbound Collection Hotel

Avenida A and Calle 8
Casco Viejo
Panamá City

(507) 6673-9247

88 Room Hotel

Hotel La Compañia (HLC) is set to become a true icon of Panama’s along with the Panama Canal and Casco Viejo, where the hotel is located. Casco Viejo, the historic area of Panama City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

What makes HLC so unique is the time and care spent on painstakingly restoring each and every piece of brick, stone and vintage wood from the 17th century for the façade as well as in the various niches of the building. The only way for the colourful history of Panamá to come alive, live on and be enjoyed by locals and the experienced international traveller. The restoration will take into account the history of the site and that of Casco Viejo.

Situated over a city block, Hotel La Compañia encompasses of four buildings located in Avenida A, Calle 8 and Avenida Central. A little secret, which can only be viewed once within the four walls of the hotel, spills out to depict Casco Viejo’s largest internal courtyard. This peaceful internal oasis stands adjacent to the ruins of the Jesuit church of 1739. In fact, the oldest building of the Hotel, originally created as a Jesuit mission, was constructed in 1688.

Across the street is the San Jose church from 1675, home to the famous “Golden Altar” which legend has it was painted black to prevent it from getting into the clutches of English pirate Henry Morgan when he attacked the city. And bordering on the opposite side of Avenida A, is the impressive twin towered Cathedral of Panamá, one of the largest churches in Central America. The foundation stone is thought to have been laid in 1668.

Because of the three very distinct influences and turmoil the country experienced between the 16th and the early 20thcentury, it only seemed natural and just to capture the essence of these cultures. The colonial architecture of the Spanish, French and the American plantation will be evident in the three parallel wings of Hotel La Compañia.

Hotel La Compañia will be part of the Hyatt’s Unbound Collection and will consist of 88 deluxe rooms, spacious luxurious suites and the very unique Henry Morgan Suite located on the top floor of the French Wing. There will be a total of five restaurants and two bars including a roof top bar with magnificent 360-degree views of the city and the Pacific Ocean.

Recreational facilities include a roof top pool with sun deck, massage and spa services at the HLC Spa also located at the roof top and for the exercise conscious, a complete Health Club.

Conference and banquet facilities will also available for meetings, private events as well as weddings.

Hotel La Compañia is anchored in the cultural epicentre of Panama. From its shell and location, the hotel allows us to understand the story of the city itself and witness the effect of events that marked and shaped today’s Panama. It is an opportunity for us to offer to you to experience it in our hotel.

Construction for the Hotel began in December 2018 and doors are set open in early 2022.


Hotel La Compañía

Hotel La Compañía (HLC) está destinado a convertirse en un ícono en Panamá a la par del Canal de Panamá y el Casco Viejo, dónde está ubicado el hotel. El Casco Viejo, el centro histórico de la Ciudad de Panamá, fue declarado World Heritage Site por la UNESCO en 1997.

El tiempo y el esfuerzo dedicado en restaurar cada ladrillo, calicanto y madera de las fachadas del siglo 17, serán los ingredientes para catalogar el hotel como único en su clase. HLC será la opción para revivir la historia de Panamá por los locales y turistas experimentados. Los trabajos de restauración ha tomado en consideración la historia de la propiedad y del Casco Viejo.

Ubicado en una manzana entera, el Hotel La Compañía está compuesto de cuatro edificios sobre la Ave. A, Calle 8va y Ave. Central. Un hermoso secreto se esconde dentro de las cuatro fachadas posteriores del proyecto, enmarcando el courtyard más grande del Casco Viejo. Este courtyard, considerado un oasis, está ubicado justo al lado de las ruinas de la iglesia de los Jesuitas con fecha de 1739. Un hecho importante es que el edificio más viejo del hotel, fue originalmente construido por los Jesuitas, en 1688.

Diagonal al hotel está la iglesia de San José construida en 1675, donde está el famoso Altar de Oro. Las leyendas dicen que este altar fue con brea para evitar que fuera robado cuando el pirata Inglés Henry Morgan atacó la Ciudad de Panamá. En el lado opuesto de la manzana, está la Catedral de Panamá considerada una de las catedrales más grandes de Centro América. Se estima que las primeras piedras de la catedral se pusieron en 1668.

La historia de Panamá entre el siglo 16 y siglo 20 se define por la influencia de tres culturas muy distintas y al hotel le pareció importante capturar estas influencias en el diseño de interiores. La cultura francesa, española y americana serán evidentes en las tres alas del Hotel La Compañía.

Hotel La Compañía será parte de Hyatt´s Unbound Collection y tendrá 88 habitaciones delux, suite de lujos espaciosas y una suite principal de Henry Morgan en el último nivel del ala francesa. Habrá un total de cinco restaurantes y dos bares, incluyendo un roof top bar con una maravilla vista de 360 grados de la Ciudad de Panamá y el océano Pacífico.

Amenidades recreativas incluye una piscina y solario en el roof top, masajes y servicios de spa también ubicado en el roof top. Salones para banquetes y conferencias estarán disponibles para eventos privados y bodas, entre otros.

Hotel La Compañía está naciendo en el centro cultural de Panamá. Considerando las ruinas existentes y su ubicación, el hotel nos cuenta la historia de la ciudad y como fue testigo de la evolución y eventos que crearon el Panamá de hoy. Es una oportunidad para nosotros ofrecer esta historia a través de la experiencia de hospedarse en nuestro hotel.

La construcción del hotel comenzó en diciembre de 2018 y nos estamos preparando para abrir puertas a comienzos de 2022.