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Chef/Director of Food and Beverage

Posted March 26, 2021

Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel
Des Moines, IA

About This Job


Administrates, manages, and controls the operation of the food and beverage division.



1) Five years' experience as Banquet Manager or Restaurant Manager or equivalent.

2) Knowledge of purchasing and control.

3) Knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, requirements, and use of equipment.

4) Knowledge of proper chemical handling.

5) Ability to satisfactorily communicate in English with guests, management and co-workers to their understanding.

6) Ability to provide legible communication.

7) Ability to do basic arithmetic and computer skills.

8) Ability to maintain safety and health requirements as specified by OSHA and the Health Department.


1) High school graduate or equivalent.

2) Any managerial experience in Food and Beverage.



1) Ability to enforce hotel's standards, policies and procedures with assigned staff.

2) Ability to prioritize and organize work assignments; delegate work.

3) Ability to direct performance of assigned staff and follow up with corrective where needed.

4) Ability to motivate assigned staff and maintain a cohesive team.

5) Ability to ascertain staff training needs and provide such training.

6) Ability to be a clear thinker in pressure situations and exercise good judgments.

7) Ability to focus attention on details, speed and accuracy.

8) Ability to maintain confidentiality of hotel guests and pertinent hotel information.

9) Ability to ensure security of guest room access and hotel property.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Supervises, guides, and trains all management level associates in the food and beverage discipline.

Ensures that management in the food and beverage discipline are covering all hours of every shift to ensure constant supervision of each department.

Schedules, evaluates and directs all food and beverage personnel.

Provides disciplinary action when, and if, necessary.

Provides associates with the necessary tools or equipment they need to perform their job.

Takes immediate action on problems that are encountered in the food and beverage departments.

Participate in the following:

1. Monthly departments meetings

2. Property MOD program

3. Weekly staff meeting

4. Weekly food and beverage meetings

5. Monthly inventories

6. Quarterly China Glass and Silver Inventory

7. Leadership Team meetings

Establishes, directs, and reviews performance standards in food preparation, purchasing, and production to ensure effective, controlled, coordinated efforts are achieved. For example, specs, recipe cards, menu costing, inventory control, etc.

Monitors, directs, and coordinates effective sanitation, cleanliness, and organization effort in food and beverage operating areas; to include maintenance and control of glassware, china, silver, and linen use and supplies.

Coordinates efforts of the food and beverage departments to coincide with volumes in business generated by the Catering/Sales and Rooms Division. For example, group commitments, full occupancy, etc.

Establishes, directs, and reviews liquor procedures to ensure adequate security and accountability; presentation and service performance.

Handles or assists with any guest related complaints, as well as coordinates the follow up on those complaints.

Knowledgeable and practices food and liquor federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Produces approved budget and operates both established guidelines in regard to costs, expenses, sales, and profit for food and beverage departments. Develops, institutes, and maintains control and procedure to ensure sameness.

Prepares a weekly sales and payroll forecast for food and beverage departments.

Ensures proper staffing procedures to ensure the highest possible payroll productivity at the lowest possible costs in keeping with the standards of Concord Hospitality operation.

Works in close cooperation promotional and operational efforts to maximize achievement of sales. For example, advertising, posters, mailers, etc.

Analyzes and monitors profit and loss statements.

Interview and hire new personnel if immediate manager for certain department is not available, when needed.

Reviews and approves all food and beverage department reviews, hires, job transfers, warning notices, counseling sessions and terminations.

Evaluates staff performance and refers to the Standard Operating Procedures.

Reads, learns, understands, and refers to the Standard Operating Procedures.

Conducts performance evaluations and training sessions with each manager within the food and beverage department.

Promotes and ensures the upkeep of each department's training procedures and personnel development within the food and beverage discipline.

Develops and institutes new food menus for the Restaurant, Room Service, Lounge, and Catering/Sales Departments.

Is an active member of the property's Leadership Team.

Provides for a safe work environment by following all safety and security procedures and rules.

Assist other Leadership Team members and/or managers when needed.

Each associate will be required to follow the rules as found in the Schulte Hospitality Associate Handbook.

Trains all associates in the kitchen how to perform their job duties to the best of their abilities.

Writes schedules, evaluates, and directs all Food and Beverage personnel.

Ensures all food served is of high quality, properly prepared according to recipe and is expedited to all outlets in a smooth and efficient manner. Includes working the line during peak times.

Supervises entire kitchen staff. Also, all utility and sanitation associates; and to provide supervisory guidance, aid, and counsel for all kitchen associates.

Ensures that all banquets are properly prepared and serviced; timing, portioning and quality are most important. Ensures that proper communication takes place between banquets and the kitchen.

Ensures sanitation standards are maintained in all areas, i.e. walk-ins, freezers, kitchen proper, and equipment.

Responsible for the review and accomplishment of cost goals in the area of food cost, kitchen labor, and related expenses.

Learns, understands, and refers to the Standard Operating Procedures.

Provides for a safe work environment by following all safety and security procedures and rules.

Learns, understands, and knows how to operate all kitchen equipment.

Communicates expectations daily of Food and Beverage Leadership Team to ensure smooth continuous operation.

Ensures that prescribed cleaning schedules are followed and maintained at all times.

Takes immediate action on problems that are encountered in the kitchen.

Assists in the establishment of goals, standards, and objectives that will further the prestige and reputation of the organization, as well as result in a more profitable operation.

Provides associates with the tools and equipment they need to do their jobs.

Maintains all use records, daily position checklists, steak charts, roast meat charts, recipe cards, etc., at all times.

Prepares recipe cards and picture presentation of all menu items.

Ensures payroll hours are submitted to the Accounting/HR Department in a timely manner.

Is aware of all areas, including frontline, banquet productions, and plating. Never neglects one area for another.

Assures that sufficient supplies of necessary service equipment are available and maintained at all times.

Ensures proper staffing of the entire kitchen for adequate coverage while man-hours are not wasted.

Physically tastes each prepared item, soup, sauce, salad dressing, vegetable, etc., to assure maximum quality, consistency and ensures balanced seasoning. This must be done for all meal periods.

Ensures that adequate preparation is done for all meal periods while avoiding waste through preparation.

Ensures that approved recipes are followed at all times without deviation.

Ensures that standards pertaining to storage, rotation, production, portions, quality communicates any problem areas with recommended alternatives to the Food and Beverage Director for discussion and possible solution.

Adheres to corporate procurement programs via Purchasing Concepts.

Understands budget applications and conforms to the budget requirements.

React to problem areas where budget discrepancies exist.

Interviews and hires new personnel when needed.

Reviews and approves all reviews, hires, transfers, warning notices, counseling sessions, and terminations.

Evaluates staff performance on a 90 day, and annual basis.

Conducts his/her self to reflect the high standards of professionalism within the Schulte Hospitality organization.

Responsible for developing performance standards, procedures, and rules used to ensure safe work habits.

Assists with the organization of annual associate picnic.

Memorize food recipes and food preparation instructions.

Handle and operate dangerous kitchen equipment.


About this Employer

Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel

401 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

(515) 244-2151

209 Room Hotel

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Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Renaissance Savery Hotel stands as an elegant architectural landmark in the heart of downtown Des Moines. A modern touch is being added to the space with time valued accents to acknowledge the history of the building. Recently renovated hotel including a full transformation of the guest rooms and reconfiguration of the bathrooms.  The event space got a full facelift as well as the new restaurant addition, Scopri.  The Club Lounge has been expanded to accommodate our guests with state-of-the-art equipment.