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Host (Banquet/Bar/Breakfast)

Posted June 15, 2022

Hiltons at McCormick Place
Chicago, IL
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About This Job

Note: This is a FULL-TIME position.

This position will be responsible for enhancing the guest experience, ensuring customer loyalty, and guarantying satisfaction. The ideal candidate will possess a passion for customer service with a strong team approach. Bartending and banquet experience is strongly preferred.  

  • Follow Hilton Brand Hilton's at McCormick Place standard operating procedures.
  • Approach all encounters with guests and employees in a friendly service-oriented manner.
  • Respond promptly to customer needs, special requests, requests for service and assistance.
  • Be present in the serving area to talk to the guests when all the other tasks are completed in the kitchen and service areas.
  • Set up and maintain the breakfast area(s) in an attractive and organized manner with clean and standardized presentations according to Hilton’s at McCormick Place standards.
  • Set up serving dishes including, but not limited to utensils, cups and other paper/china products; prepare and set out cold food included, but not limited to sweet rolls, muffins, cereal, waffles and other brand required items for self- service.
  • Prepare, warm up and set out hot foods included, but not limited to eggs, sausage, breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, French toast, etc.
  • Periodically restock and maintain in a well-stocked condition self- service food and supplies as needed.
  • Wash fruit as required.
  • Make coffee and maintain coffee station, stock coffee station as needed.
  • Return reusable food supplies to storage.
  • Complete waste control process for any discarded items.
  • Verify cooler and freezer temperatures reporting deficiencies and any broken equipment.
  • Ensure all cold and dry food products are being rotated (First in First Out).
  • Stock and restock required items in the refrigerators.
  • Move the necessary products from the freezer to the refrigerator for the following days service.
  • Adhere to all company, state, federal and OSHA safety requirements and follow emergency requirements/policy and how to act upon them.
  • Monitor and maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of assigned station and service areas.
  • Use dishwasher or designated sinks to wash china included, but not limited to flatware and serving   equipment and return it to storage.
  • Clean, organize and maintain cleanliness of breakfast area and kitchen before, during and after breakfast hours.
  • Clear and clean tables as they are vacated using sanitizer, clean all the equipment, wipe up spills, sweep, mop and vacuum kitchen and dining areas.
  • Remove trash from the breakfast areas and the kitchen.
  • Load trash into the dumpster.
  • Use mops, mop buckets and utility sinks to mop the floor.
  • Use approved chemicals to maintain safe and clean environment.
  •  Use WET FLOOR signs for spills, wet floors and while mopping the floor.
  • Use the food service tray as a base on which to stack other dishes, cutlery, and glassware. Do not place fingers inside glassware to carry.

Show courtesy to the Guest by waiting until he or she leaves the table before rushing to it to bus and clean. Always ask Guest if they are finished before clearing used tableware.

  • Chairs must be cleared of crumbs each time a table is cleared of soiled dishes. Crumbs should be picked up in a side towel; don’t brush crumbs onto the floor.
  • Chairs should be pushed back into place after crumbing.
  • Remove food from containers and clean containers as required.
  • Clean, straighten up and restock dishes, wipe down all glass.
  • Check coolers and freezers to ensure they are clean (inside& out), wipe down inside and outside of the refrigerators and freezer, check coolers and freezers to keep items organized per diagram on doors, use pass-on log for following shift or next day.
  • Restock all clean dishes to service areas, sweep and mop floor, clean under all coolers/freezers and tables, complete daily railroad for the kitchen area
  • Clean door seals and wipe down door handles.
  • Organize dry storage, sweep and mop dry storage area and kitchen floor.
  • Wipe down televisions and remotes ensuring remote controls and televisions are working properly.
  • Scrub all the surfaces as needed, including, but not limited wiping all stainless steel, cleaning kitchen sinks, waffle machines, toasters, other kitchen and breakfast area equipment, removing all items from refrigerator and freezer, and clean all the shelves of refrigerator and freezer, removing all décor from display shelves/cubbies, cleaning it and displaying items.
  • Run salt and pepper shakers through dishwasher, refill salt and pepper shakers, take all dirty dishes and utensils to the dish room and clean, wash and store.
  • Keep the floor around the table clean, check for debris or spills before leaving the table.
  • Fill out all required documentation as required per brand and department of public health.
  • Complete all required brand specific, health and safety training.
  • Must accommodate Guests with allergies and dietary restriction to best of abilities.
  • Setup and prepare meeting rooms, plate and serve food for meetings and events per Hilton’s at McCormick Place standards; replenish food in meeting rooms and handle special dietary needs.
  • Review and understand Banquet Event orders (BEO) at the beginning of each shift to ensure banquet rooms are set as per the customer request.
  • Read and execute specifications listed on the Banquet Event Orders.
  • Attend all pre-shift meetings in uniform to ensure events flow smoothly.
  • Communicate with the Manager on Duty regarding any special needs.
  • Assist in event space set-up and break-down; may be required to perform these tasks unassisted.
  • Prepare coffee breaks, carts, and stations with appropriate food and beverages as stated in Banquet Event Order.
  • Make required adjustments as needed and relay that information to the appropriate personnel.
  • Maintaining proper dining experience, delivering items, fulfilling customer needs, removing courses, replenishing utensils, refilling glasses.
  • Have a good understanding and able to communicate products and service related query to guests when asked.
  • Deliver and serve welcome drinks, food, meals, condiments and accompaniments etc.
  • Deliver Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for service to guests.
  • Properly open and pour at the table side.
  • Good knowledge of the rules of Banquet Beverage Control and service.
  • Take beverage orders and collect payments where specified.
  • Prepare tables, action stations, buffets, service carts, dessert table/carts and cordial carts.
  • Replenish buffet items to ensure consistency and freshness in presentation; respond making necessary attempts to fulfill and special banquet event arraignments; ensure course(s) are cleared and tables are properly crumbed; monitor tableware to ensure proper Guest presentations.
  • Attend tables by removing and separating tableware, plate ware, glassware, and flatware.
  • Ensure proper use, storage of all meeting room equipment.
  • Ensure there is proper back up if any equipment is not properly functioning.
  • Maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness in all areas of the Meeting Rooms.
  • Pass information to the next staff member on duty.
  • Communicate any areas of need, problems, and concerns from Guest to a Supervisor or Manager. If no upcoming events, have rooms in a readiness position for any possible site inspections.
  • Assist others with side-work including, but not limited to cleaning, stocking, folding silverware, etc.
  • Assist fellow team members and other departments wherever necessary to maintain positive working relationships.
  • Always ask guest if they are finished before clearing used tableware.
  • Clear any empty plates or glasses from the guest’s right with your right hand.
  • Never stack dirty plates in front of guests. Pick them up separately and stack them away from guests.
  • Bring all condiments and accompaniments to the table before serving dishes.
  • Only bring full - not partially full condiment bottles to guests.
  • Make sure that food is fresh and appealing before serving guest.
  • Follow preparation guide before bringing food to guest.
  • Notify the Manager or supervisor immediately of any problem with food items.
  • The buffet shall be ready 15 minutes before the starting time indicated on the BEO.
  • If there is less than one-quarter of an inch of water in the liners of hot chafing dishes, user a pitcher of water to refill the liners.
  • If the chafing dishes are heated by canned, gel type fuel then make sure the cans stay lit and replace them when they become empty.
  • Replace lid on serving dishes when guests are not in the buffet line.
  • Use pitchers to add ice to the buffet as needed to keep the containers holding cold items surrounded by ice.
  • Remove ice that gets into the food containers and replace any items that become waterlogged.
  • Procedure for restocking a buffet:  replace items that are less than ¼ full, never combine containers, remove containers to staging area.
  • Make sure each container has an appropriate serving utensil.
  • Return serving utensils to the correct containers.
  • Replace utensils that fall on the floor with clean utensils from the kitchen.
  • Use a damp, food-safe cleaning cloth to wipe spills on the buffet table.
  • Clearing of all tables of china, glasses, flatware and ashtrays.
  • Straighten legs on all tables.
  • Remove all linens.
  • Rearrange all chairs around tables neatly.
  • Store salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, water pitchers and other tabletop items.
  • Clear all remaining carts and lock them.
  • Remove candles and any melted wax from candelabras and return to storage.
  • Prepare cocktail trays using trays that are clean placing a stack of beverage napkins on each tray; make sure that items are centered to keep balanced.
  • Balance a tray of beverages on your fingertips and hold it in front of your chest. Do not try to hold beverage tray above the shoulder.
  • Approach guests and offer them a beverage from your tray.
  • If guests try to remove a beverage from your tray, politely ask them to let you serve them this will help you to maintain the balance of the tray.
  • Collect empty glasses and transport on appropriate tray.
  • Place dirty glasses in the dirty glass racks in the service bar. 
  • Wipe spills from tables using a clean sanitized cloth.
  • When serving snacks, lower the tray and present it at chest level to the guest; avoid interrupting conversations.
  • Clean tables and chairs in the meeting rooms as necessary.
  • Report deep cleaning needs to your supervisor or manager.
  • Load dishwasher or use designated sink to wash the dishes; maintain proper cleaning procedures included, but not limited to all the surfaces, refrigerators, all the kitchen equipment, shelves, floor using required chemicals.
  • Take soiled table linens to the laundry area and retrieves then when they are returned.
  • Take inventory including, but not limited to food, beverages and other supplies needed for each day.
  • Order or purchase food supplies as assigned per management.
  • Follow SOP for accepting food delivery, organizing, dating and putting away food orders.
  • Store and refrigerate delivered product according to storing directions.
  • Break down and remove boxes loading them into dumpster or trash compactor.
  • Organize, label refrigerator shelves and group same product together according expiration dates. Make an inventory list for every refrigerator and freezer.

Get the food delivery from the loading dock if needed or assigned per supervisor/ management.

  • Adhere to grooming and appearance standards consistently.
  • Additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.

Job Requirements are including but not limited to:

  • Must be able to speak, read, write and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace.
  • Requires good verbal communication skills.
  • Flexible availability to work mornings, evenings, weekends, holidays and rotating shifts.
  • Expected to regularly handle various food and beverage products.
  • Must be able to lift up to 35 pounds.
  • Requires writing, standing (for long hours at a time), walking, repetitive motions, bending, listening and hearing ability and visual acuity.
  • Maintain high level of guest satisfaction is an absolute requirement for this position.
  • Previous bartender and banquet experience preferred
  • Must be Basset Certified

Hilton’s at McCormick Place seeks to attract and retain a high performing and diverse workforce in which employees’ differences are respected and valued to better meet the varying needs of the diverse customers we serve. Hilton’s fosters a diverse and inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration, flexibility and fairness.


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About this Employer

Hiltons at McCormick Place

123 E Cermak Rd Suite 300
Chicago, IL 60616

(312) 791-1121

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