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Facilities Construction Technician

Posted May 3, 2022

Under Canvas
Belgrade, MT
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About This Job

Position Overview

As a Facilities Construction Technician, you will work closely with the Facilities Project Manager and perform the hands-on minor construction work at Under Canvas resorts including but not limited to building decks, fencing, and other small structures, renovating and repairing existing infrastructure including patching, painting, furniture assembly, and occasional minor plumbing and electrical repairs. We pride ourselves on providing guests with a camping experience that includes all the comforts and luxury of home. This position requires extensive travel. This is an hourly position and includes paid travel expenses, housing, and per diem while away from home. 

Primary Job Responsibilities 

  • Ready the construction site each day for the current project by preparing materials, tools, and equipment as needed according to the planned activities.
  • Under the direction of the Facilities Project Manager, use plans, sketches, written, and verbal direction to perform the work required to complete small construction, demolition, renovation, and repair projects, either working alone or with a team.
  • Apply available plans and instructions for each project and collaborate with others, seek direction, ask questions, and make suggestions when sufficient details are lacking.
  • Make necessary adjustments as directed by the Facilities Project Manager.
  • Wear clean safety equipment, such as ear plugs, safety glasses, gloves, helmets, and boots that are in good repair while always keeping a safe working environment.
  • Maintain a brisk and productive pace of activities to complete all assigned tasks within time constraints.
  • Leave construction equipment and tools clean, organized, and stored in an orderly fashion after each use.
  • Dispose of debris and hazardous materials according to local environmental standards and regulations.
  • Provide assistance to other team members on various tasks if your duties are completed ahead of schedule.
  • Operate equipment used in construction sites (saws, drills, etc.).
  • Load and unload building materials, equipment, furnishings, and supplies.
  • Other related duties as assigned.

How You Will Succeed

  • Planning and Organizing
    1. Plans own activities according to pre-determined standards or procedures.
    2. Monitors the quality and timeliness of own work.
    3. Seeks clarity on priorities as needed.
    4. Uses the resources at one's immediate disposal as planned.
  • Ensuring Accountability
    1. Checks assumptions about mutual expectations and clarifies standards of overall performance.
    2. Monitors the quality and timeliness of one’s work, appropriately using the resources at one’s disposal.
    3. Follows through with personal commitments to others.
    4. Welcomes and acts upon constructive feedback to improve behavior and results.
    5. Admits openly when mistakes have been made and takes responsibility to deal with them quickly and efficiently.
  • Fostering Communication
    1. Listens and pays attention actively and objectively.
    2. Presents information and facts in a logical manner, using appropriate phrasing and vocabulary.
    3. Shares information when requested.
    4. Communicates with others honestly, respectfully, and sensitively.
  • Agility
    1. Remains calm when encountering uncertain circumstances.
    2. Reflects on successes and failures, to identify lessons learned on a continuing basis.
    3. Seeks to understand factors beyond immediate scope of work that may affect priorities.
    4. Looks for different ways to contribute to the team’s and the organization’s success as an individual.
    5. Communicates changes in work with others in a timely manner.

 What It Takes 

  • Highschool Diploma or Equivalent
  • General construction and Mechanical skills including the ability to read blueprints, specifications, take accurate measurements, and perform layout work
  • Ability to work outdoors in difficult weather conditions and across rugged terrain
  • Heavy Lifting-minimum 50lbs
  • Drive Equipment as needed
  • Stay Organized 
  • 100% Travel

Why Under Canvas

Competitive Pay | Beautiful Locations | Great Culture | Training

This position will be focused on completing maintenance capital construction projects but will also be utilized in times of need on camp setups and events.

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About this Employer

Under Canvas

1172 Happy Lane
Belgrade, MT 59714

(406) 412-3545

Management Company

Under Canvas is the leading Glamping company operating across the US. We are a small company dedicated to enriching lives by enabling people to share experiences in the outdoors in comfort and style. We treat our team members and guests like family, which fosters a culture of mutual respect, empowerment, and feeling of belonging.

We believe being outdoors inspires, connects, invigorates, and restores people. We enable our employees and guests to have unique experiences that enrich lives and strengthen relationships. We are advocates in providing opportunities to immerse our employees and guests in nature to foster environmental consciousness. We believe in preserving natural beauty, and therefore take a minimalist approach to development and use of resources. Finally, we believe experiencing the outdoors doesn't always have to mean "roughing it".

If this is something that excites you and can see yourself growing with us and sharing the love of the outdoors, then please apply. We look forward to hearing from you!