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LBA Hospitality


LBA Hospitality

2733 Ross Clark Circle
P.O. Box 5566
Dothan, AL 36302

Management Company

About this Employer

About the company

Ours is a complete offering of hotel management services. We apply them individually and in strategic combination to bring our properties up to the LBA standard of performance. Then we analyze, adjust and innovate to take them even higher.

At LBA, it’s not enough to do many things well. Our goal is to do each thing better than anyone else. When we talk about quality, it’s more than a word. It’s a mission. It’s deeply ingrained in our culture—and our vision of our future.

Why people like to work here

At LBA, you really feel like you’re appreciated for who you are and what you contribute. Anybody can have an idea. Anyone can make a difference. And, beginning with Larry Blumberg, this company encourages that. At LBA, service has hundreds of names and faces. So does success. Because LBA believes in the people who are the difference in our hotels. That’s why we empower every associate to serve every guest better, every day.