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Raines Hospitality

1943 Hoffmeyer Rd
Ste C
Florence, SC 29501

(843) 799-2306

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About Us

Rock Raines (1932-2010) and his two sons, David and the late Mark Raines (1957-2015), founded Raines Hospitality, Inc. (RH) in 1997. The Raines Family, based in Florence, SC, has owned and operated hospitality businesses for over 50 years. RH, Inc. is committed to building and operating first class hotels to satisfy our guests and to maximize the investments of our partners.

Career Opportunities

Raines Hospitality, Inc. prides itself on being a leader in the hospitality industry. We owe our success to our Associates, who constantly strive to provide quality service and products to our guests. The key to our continued success is delivering excellence – a commitment to total satisfaction of our customers, promoting innovation, and a continuous improvement of what we do. We pride ourselves on hiring quality people because we know that our Associates of RH are truly our greatest asset.

Raines Hospitality’s Vision, Mission & Values

Vision Statement

To be the leading hospitality management company in all cities that we operate.

Mission Statement

We will be the leading hospitality management company by:

  • Creating a rewarding work experience for all of our associates,
  • Providing exceptional guest service, and
  • Generating superior returns for our owners and co-investors.
Core Values
  • Act with integrity. Integrity is about building credibility and always striving to do the right thing.
  • Build effective teams. To be successful in our business, we must work together to achieve our goals.
  • Embrace others’ differences with respect. Our work environment is filled with people from all walks of life. We are a multi-national company. It is important that we be accepting and willing to listen to and consider others’ opinions and ideas.
  • Deliver excellence. Do your best every day and take pride in what you do.
  • Promote innovation. Ask yourself, “how can I do things faster, better, smarter…not necessarily harder?” We know the world today is in a constant state of change and we must change with it.
  • Communicate openly and often. People want to feel important and valued. Communication provides a vital tool to let others know what to expect, what’s going on in the business and most importantly why – why decisions are made, why they are important, and why others should support those decisions.
  • Give back to our communities. What we do day in and day out to serve others. Be willing to share of yourself and give back to those who are in need.

About this Employer

Raines Hospitality

1943 Hoffmeyer Rd
Ste C
Florence, SC 29501

(843) 799-2306

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