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Chef De Cuisine

Williamsburg Inn

136 Francis Street East
Williamsburg, VA 23185

62 Room Resort
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  • Ensures that the culinary and utility staffs are performing to the established standards.
  • Food Preparation: Prepares food correctly for service according to the standards of the specific dish, and the various meal periods.
  • Accurately develops the proper quantities of product through use of station checklists and forecasting.
  • Food Service: Prepares all food according to the POS system print out, while producing and executing the special request items to meet guest expectations. The established pace of service is to be maintained in order to sustain a steady flow of service.
  • Creation and costing of breakfast, lunch and dinner menu’s in accordance to the branding of the specific food outlets policies and procedures.
  • Set the example, create and ensure kitchen standards are followed in a positive and professional manner.
  • Ensure that the culinary staff are following through with the noted daily tasks by following checklists and your demonstrations of proper technique and guidance.
  • Effectively oversee that the expediting of breakfast, lunch or bunch and dinner shifts are being followed to standard.
  • Demonstrates a proactive approach to managing large parties in the Dining room, in cooperation with the Restaurant and Guest Service Managers.
  • Oversees production of all prep items ensuring recipe adherence, ticket times, and food production meet or exceed standard as established by yourself and the Restaurant Manager.
  • Ensures adherence to the recipe cards and plate presentation.
  • Works in corporation with purchasing agent to insure the freshest and cost effective ingredients are present in the taverns
  • Pull change log Monday thru Saturday and update all production sheets with the updated information.
  • Supervises utility and receiving staff for cleanliness of storage and kitchen areas.
  • Assists in making sure staff is scheduled appropriately.
  • Ensures that food is properly ordered for the area of operations you are managing.

Inventory Control:

  • Thoroughly understands and adheres to the Food Order Guides system of ordering food in the kitchen.
  • Orders according to established pars and forecasting.
  • Properly rotates all food in storage utilizing the F.I.F.O. system.
  • Accurately conducts monthly inventory.
  • Accurately places orders with the use of the ordering checklists.
  • Communicates product levels to storeroom keeper when subpar.
  • Completes weekly spot inventories on high dollar items and communicate those findings to the storeroom keeper to reconcile with perpetual inventories.


Follows food safety and sanitation guidelines and ensure that staff understands and practices the same, including, but not limited to:

  • Maintain a working knowledge of the Temperature Danger Zone (41˚-135˚F)
  • Thoroughly sanitize station, equipment and hands after handling potentially hazardous foods.
  • Prevent potential cross-contamination through hand washing and awareness of surroundings.
  • Read and follow the standards of the Appearance Policy provided by CW.
  • Clean as you go, maintain a clean and orderly work station at all times.
  • Keep jackets, pants, aprons, shoe and hats as clean as possible.
  • Wear protective gloves when handling ready to eat foods.

Obtains and maintains a valid ServSafe® certification and manage to the standards of the ServSafe® criteria.

Ensures all employees obtain and maintain food handler’s certification from the Health Department. Creates and nourishes a positive working relationship with the local Health Department. Work through any Health Department issues, correcting immediately when possible, and do not allow any repeats on critical violations.

Supervises Daily detailed cleaning of the kitchens. Ensure sanitation throughout property including kitchen, dining rooms, and outdoor public areas such as Fire Pit dining area, gardens, walkways, back dock and dumpster area etc.


a. Ensures that direct reports have successfully completed all required Safety Training, including but not limited to,

  • Safety orientation.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Lifting, etc.
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Preventing Slips, Trips, Falls

b. Fill out an incident report for all accidents that happen on your shift.

c. Complete the incident follow-up form for each accident

d. Wear slip resistant shoe to prevent slips, trips and falls.

e. Practice safety in the work place at all times, including but not limited to:

  • Understands and identifies hazards in the work place so proper actions may take place in order to reduce injury.
  • Maintains a sharp knife while safely handling as to not obtain injury.
  • Has a working knowledge of safely prepping, using and cleaning of all equipment in the kitchen.
  • Lifts with legs and always ask for assistance when necessary.
  • Utilizes a pushcart whenever transporting products over a distance.
  • Takes action to secure a hazard through the supervisor by reporting issues immediately.
  • Ensures that others are practicing safety procedures at all times.

f. Troubleshoots and locates potential problems with the Kitchen facilities and equipment (i.e. maintaining machinery, cleaning equipment regularly, spotting safety hazards, etc.). Ensures repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment by partnering with our maintenance department.

g. Stays informed and current on all areas of Risk Management.

Financial Responsibility:

  • Insure that the culinary Staff under your direction are clocking in and out accurately and according to the CW attendance policy.
  • Be financially aware of the cost of food and cost of labor and effectively contribute to the control of both.
  • Be aware and understand overtime and maintain practices to avoid accruing any pertaining to yourself and other staff members.
  • Ensure employee standards are consistent through documented, timely performance evaluations, training checklists and daily reviews, and discharges when necessary.
  • Attends daily front of the house line ups to highlight specials and up selling techniques associated with those specials
  • Make sure quality and timeliness of food product maintained to that particular areas standards.


  • Effectively communicates with co-workers and managers to maintain an efficient work space.
  • Holds daily line-ups to inform the crew of the daily duties and tasks at hand.
  • Effectively communicates to Cooks, Stewards and other employees.
  • Attends all meetings that have to do with the Food and Beverage business needs for the Historic Area.
  • Effectively communicates menu changes, special events or any other changes that pertain to specified units.


  • Demonstrates teamwork within your direct work group as well and surrounding departments.
  • Identifies and acts when assistance is needed under any circumstance.
  • Assists in strategies to develop efficiencies with the work group to streamline production and labor.
  • Takes the initiative to step in and direct other to assist others in a collaborative effort.
  • Works on all staffing plans for kitchen staff.


Direct: Provides first line general supervision for Food and Beverage Staff and Assistant Chefs at the Tavern and all other related businesses associated with that Tavern.

Indirect: Provides second line general super vision for cooks, pantry supervisor, pantry workers and stewards.



  • Culinary Degree and 5 years’ experience accompanying professional managerial experience with the hotel and restaurant industries.


Thorough knowledge of all aspects of Kitchen operations including but not limited to:

  • thorough understanding of profit and loss management, marketing and management of Kitchen
  • knowledge of American regional cuisine, and menu development
  • Experienced in the development and administration of operating and capital budgets, manpower planning, purchasing, and control of operating equipment and sensitivity to design and refurbishing of restaurant and kitchen facilities.


Progressive track record with deluxe hotel, resort and restaurant organizations. Proven record of culinary accomplishments. Functional experience in guest service, dining room, catering and back of the house management.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Excellent leadership, communication and presentation skills
  • Gracious and approachable manner in dealing with guests and employees
  • Strong partnering and networking skills
  • Ability to develop and work as part of a team, and develop partnerships both within your unit and outside
  • Demonstrate a calm demeanor and positive attitude

Business Acumen:

Ability to:

  • read and analyze financial (profit and loss) statements
  • develop annual operating budgets
  • forecast business levels
  • analyze food cost via monitoring of recipes, production, spoilage, waste, breakage, etc…
  • understand and implement internal controls relative to food storage and production
  • conduct menu engineering analysis
  • forecast labor needs and adjust staffing as business levels change

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Previous experience in presenting training and development programs as well as administration of a union contract preferred.
  • Must be willing to make a long-term commitment to the Resort, the management, and the culinary and Food and Beverage teams to establish and maintain a reputation for excellence in cuisines locally, regionally and nationally.
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Williamsburg Inn

Iconic elegance and an exceptional culinary experience.

Offering the best amenities of the old world and the new, The Williamsburg Inn has been among the world’s finest resorts since it was established by John D. Rockefeller Jr. in 1937. The 62 guest rooms, regency style décor, and stunning outdoor spaces create the ideal atmosphere for guests to unwind after exploring Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, a round at Golden Horseshoe Golf Club, or a treatment at the Spa of Colonial Williamsburg. The storied walls and historic gardens surrounding the Inn have embraced numerous U.S. Presidents, British royalty, and celebrities from around the world, but our helpful staff ensure every guest feels like a VIP.