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HDG Hotel Development & Management Group

1920 SW 12th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471

(352) 867-1347

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About HDG 

Our Vision

To positively impact the people and the world around us.

Our Mission

Brilliance in the basics of hospitality.

Our Core Values


Our team includes our staff, families, equity partners, guests and the community. HDG’s mantra is, “Yes, we can together!” For us to work together, it is essential for all of us to respect the diverse voices, opinions, backgrounds and personalities of our team.


We desire to earn the respect of others through understanding and embodying our vision, mission and core values. We focus on training, coaching and mentoring our leaders to grow more leaders.


We continuously rethink and reinvent the way we do business so that every process is thoughtfully reviewed with the consideration, “How can we do it better?”, “Is it relevant?”, and “What is the cost benefit?” Technology tools are used to improve efficiencies and deliver information in a timely, relevant and fresh manner.


We communicate in an open, positive, clear and concise manner. Active listening (e.g., seeking to understand rather than to be understood) and note taking are effective tools we all use. As responsible team members, we intentionally take steps to be accountable for our message. We do this by actively engaging our team through various methods and manners of communication based on our diverse personalities and gifts.


We look for simple cost effective solutions to otherwise complex problems while being respectful to our planet. In this regard, we all agree that solutions will only appear when we are positive with a “can do” attitude.

About this Employer

HDG Hotel Development & Management Group

1920 SW 12th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471

(352) 867-1347

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