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HEI Hotels & Resorts

101 Merritt 7, 1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

(203) 849-8844

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HEI is building a legacy in hospitality real estate with discriminating investments in two priority categories: high potential properties and high potential people. 

Our private discretionary funds grant us ready capital for acquisition, development and property improvement. We acquire full service, upper upscale, luxury properties, as well as prime development opportunities. We then optimize the long-term value of these assets by capitalizing on the management expertise of our top hospitality professionals. 

But our core investment isn’t bricks and mortar: it’s passionate people. 

HEI is known for our energizing, high-performance culture that integrates seasoned talent in operations, acquisition and development with disciplined fund management. Our unique “owner/operator” business model fully aligns our financial and hospitality expertise in a cohesive, streamlined network for clear advantages and collective success. 

Our direct lines of communication - horizontal, vertical, interdepartmental, between properties and investors - provide the real time data, shared wisdom and team synergies that keep us smart, agile, responsive…in tune with the market, leading its growth. 

At HEI, property value is our goal...people value is our strength.

Mission, Vision, Values

HEI’s core convictions, captured in our Mission, Vision and Values, are the result of a series of multi-level collaborative sessions with a cross section of associates across our company. These statements serve as HEI’s transcendent well as day-to-day guidelines...for achieving higher standards of personal interaction, two-way communication, professional excellence and collective success. 

Our People

HEI views our associates as our greatest resource, and we hire and develop the best. 

We have a culture of winning, we embrace change, thrive on challenge and always seek to surpass our personal bests. Like a beehive where specialized skills, dedication to task and individual performance add up to collective success, HEI's unique owner/operator business model is leading the hospitality industry because of excellence achieved by every employee. 

Defined by our unique business platform, our environment is fast-paced, expansive and ever-evolving…yet stable, consistent, enduring. It is a high-performance culture where innovation and entrepreneurial-spirit are evident; initiative and results are rewarded. 

Our people know they're "in on the ground floor" of a company with all the cornerstones of success in place: experienced leaders, steady investors, a strong track record and long-term career potential. And in turn, each of our associates thrive because HEI's distinctly advantaged infrastructure creates a supportive, educational culture as well as unlimited opportunities for personal and professional success on every level. 

An engaging, high-energy environment, HEI presents a rare career opportunity: the chance to shape a powerful leader in the hospitality industry.

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HEI Hotels & Resorts

101 Merritt 7, 1st Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

(203) 849-8844

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