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Stout Street Hospitality

818 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

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About Us

Stout Street Hospitality is an award-winning hotel management company offering a distinct contrast to the humdrum of large nationwide chains. Our current prime core business district locations, along with our style, comfort and value make our hotels a favorite among a wide spectrum of hotel guests.

Magnolia's market and financial performance abilities exceed that of upscale branded hotels.

  • Consistent RevPar premium
  • Superior ROI margins
  • Cost effective, owner friendly fee structure
  • Effective Sales and Marketing without reliance on OTA's
  • Routinely ranked in the top three hotels in each market on TripAdvisor
  • Maintain 93% or higher guest satisfaction index (key performance metric)

PKF Research indicates Stout Street Hospitality's portfolio of hotels is consistently the leading revenue producer in the categories of rooms, food and beverage, and other income. Complete financial results, including net operating income and gross operating profit, historical increases are available by contacting us directly.

We believe our success is in part due to the core mission, vision and values of our hotel management company.

  • Mission: To seek opportunities where the Magnolia brand may not fit, but a national hotel brand may be more appropriate in order to maximize return on investment.
  • Vision: Apply the right brand, to the right opportunity and apply Stout Street's profit maximization operating strategies to the hotel.
  • Values: Creativity, excellence, commitment, fun, integrity and individuality, all of which are used to create an excellent place for our employees to work and a great hotel experience for our customers.


Stout Street Hospitality has a reputation for hiring long-term committed employees. We believe this is the case because we are committed to our associates, and we provide support through their hotel management and development careers. Our four cornerstones represent our dedication to all employees - development, advancement, service and training. This ongoing commitment by all associates translates into great guest experiences, company financial success and more opportunities for advancement within our collection.

We look forward to welcoming you to Stout Street Hospitality and contributing to your hospitality career. 

The Work We Do Here

We are all professionals at Stout Street Hospitality. Every job and every employee is an integral part of the guest experience - from the moment a guest walks in the door; it's an opportunity to provide them with memorable moments. Our hotel management consulting company aims to provide that experience to all of our guests. All our work at every level in each hotel is focused on guest service.  

Why Work Here

Let our employees tell you why they enjoy their hotel careers at Stout Street Hospitality. Following are unedited comments from our most recent employee opinion survey.

Houston team member: "The best part is being in an environment that is like a family. We work, we laugh, we share stories, and we work. There is a real concern for employee morale."

Denver team member: "The people. The biggest reward is working with those who care about their job and show pride in a job well done. Also I love meeting new people, I enjoy establishing great rapport with guests."

Omaha team member:"Working for Food & Beverage the managers lead by example are extremely hard working and are great managers. It has been wonderful working for them. The kindness shown by entire staff for new employees. Being able to have ideas and express those ideas openly."

Dallas team member: "Fun, laid back environment, great people everyone works together as a team. I like the environment although things sometimes get tense like in any other job. The team I'm in is very strong and we get things done. We get treated fair and that's very important."

That is a small sampling of why people work here. Of course there are opportunities for career advancement - 10 out of 14 management openings in over the past year were filled by promoting from within.

Our employees learn from one another, interact with associates who represent more than 30 different countries and guests who come from all over the world to stay at our properties. There are intangible benefits from hotel development careers at Stout Street Hospitality; however we also offer the important benefits that affect our associates' daily lives including:

  • Paid vacation
  • Health care
  • Education assistance¬†
  • 401(k) plan

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Stout Street Hospitality

818 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202

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