Photo of Hotel Barrière Fouquet's, New York, NY

Spa Esthetician

Hotel Barrière Fouquet's

456 Greenwich St
New York, NY 10013

97 Room Hotel

Compensation: $16 + TIPS, Temps plein

Hotel Barriere Fouquets is seeking an experienced Part-Time Esthetician to perform beauty services. We want to see a background in skin care and several years of experience. As an Esthetician, you should be highly skilled in skin analysis, cleaning and application of appropriate products. Your goal will be to provide clients with treatments that deliver the most effective results and to maximize the success of the business.


  • Apply facial, body, and hand treatments to guests according to their needs (e.g. exfoliation, skin peeling and massage etc.).
  • Undertake work tasks to give a complete spa experience (e.g. greeting and welcoming guests, keeping the spa clean and tidy and preparing products etc.).
  • Prepare product and implement treatments according to the spa menu/products used by the guest(s).
  • Recommend right products/facials for guest(s).
  • Give samples of products related to current treatment.
  • Clean, sterilize and sanitize all treatment areas and equipment after each use.
  • Answer questions of guest(s) about treatments, products, pricing etc.


  • Current state esthetician's license in good standing
  • Significant work experience as an esthetician required
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Skilled and knowledgeable regarding skincare products and cosmetics
  • Able to suggest and sell products based on specific needs
Publié Le 19 Avril 2024

Hotel Barrière Fouquet's

Join Us

Be a part of the Barrière family as they embark on their journey to opening the first hotel in the United States.  

With Paris and New York culture as our building blocks, we aim to foster an environment that places value on the individual experience and build a cohesive team balance that helps promote the lifestyle, experience, and vision of the company. 

How we treat each other…how we treat our guests…and the experience we want to deliver all go into the core values of creating exemplary service.

Professionalism. Team Spirit. Enjoyment. Innovation. Tradition. Customer Appreciation. 

Our core values help us create teamwork and solidarity, to help convey and share enjoyment from the innovation of services while still paying homage to the traditions that created this brand over 100 years ago. 

If you’re one to enjoy bringing a smile to a customer’s face and making one feel at home, you are Barrière material! Come and help introduce New York to this infamous French staple and take Tribeca  and the nation at storm. 

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