Photo of Langham Hotels and Resorts, Wanchai, Hong Kong, China

Langham Hotels and Resorts


The Langham Boston
Boston, MA
The Langham Chicago
Chicago, IL
The Langham Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The Langham London
London, United Kingdom
The Langham Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia
The Langham Shenzhen
Shenzhen, China
The Langham Sydney
Sydney, Australia
Langham Hospitality Group Global Sales Office - New York Area
Hoboken, NJ
Eaton Hotel
Washington, DC
Langham Hotels and Resorts

2701, Great Eagle Centre,
23 Harbour Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Corporate Office

À propos de cet employeur

Behind every distinguished family there is always a remarkable story, and our family of luxury hotels is no exception. 

Our luxury hotel collection was born in 1865 when The Langham opened in London as Europe's first 'Grand Hotel'. 

That legendary establishment, now the flagship of our global luxury hotel group, played host to European royalty, diplomats and artistic and literary celebrities of the day. All delighted in the extraordinary fusion of sights, sounds, scents and flavours. 

Step into any of our hotels around the world today and we will captivate your senses with the shared - and distinctive - signatures of elegance in design, innovation in hospitality, and genuine service. 

No doubt you will also be impressed by our extraordinary dining establishments, whose world-class credentials are affirmed by their Michelin-stars status. From East to West, our reputation for impeccable cuisine and indulgent service inspires us only to continue outdoing ourselves.