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Westmont Hospitality Group


Hotel ICON
Houston, TX
Westmont Hospitality Group

5847 San Felipe
Suite 4600
Houston, TX 77057

Corporate Office

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Benefits of working at Westmont


Each regional team and hotel provide stellar training for its employees. With many different brands and hotel asset types within the Westmont portfolio, you have an opportunity to learn different operating systems at different levels.

Career Growth within the company

You have the opportunity to work in different roles at one hotel, or move to different hotels in the portfolio, including across brands or internationally.

Entrepreneurial Culture

You have the chance to make an impact at Westmont. We value entrepreneurial spirit, and we encourage our team members to think of the hotel as their own. We appreciate creativity, flexibility, and we provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

Rewards and Recognition

As owner-operators, we understand the commitment and dedication necessary to run a hotel. We honor and value each team member’s service through reward programs at the hotel and corporate level. When you succeed, we all succeed.

We take care of our team members

Employees at Westmont get great benefits and we look after our employees financially. These benefits differ across countries. For more information, please contact Careers in your geographical region.